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The Giant Duck Race is separate from the main derby! Decorate your Giant duck and compete with other giant ducks for the best dressed duck! Giant Ducks race down the canal at 3pm (before the main race) and the first Giant Duck to cross the finish line wins! Purchasing a Giant Duck entitles you to TWO ways to win fabulous prizes.  First, the Giant Ducks have a race of their own, AND if you want to dress up your duck for competition, your Giant Duck will be on full display prior to the race, competing for votes from the public. Prizes for both competitions are substantial, and you get to keep your beautiful duck!!

Giant Duck!

  • Congratulations on your purchase of a Giant Duck! You will be contacted by one of our members in the very near future to arrange delivery of your Giant Duck.

    If you choose to compete in the Giant Duck “Best Dressed” competition please drop off your duck by July 2nd so we can get it properly displayed at the event where festival attendees will vote on their favorite. If you choose not to dress up your Big Duck, we’ll put one in the water for you to compete in the Giant Duck race.

    Thank you again for supporting the Northglenn-Thornton Rotary Club and helping us meet the needs in our communities!

    Giant Duck Ticket #: The last 3-digits of this order will be used as your Giant Duck ticket number for each GIANT DUCK purchased in this order.  The Giant Duck race begins at 3pm, so keep your ticket # handy to see if your duck comes in first!

  • We will hand deliver your GIANT DUCK to you! Please provide your telephone number in the notes section of the checkout so we can contact you to set up a time for delivery.

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